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Please make note of our new phone number change...
(210) 347-7429.


We here at Forres Meadows Auctioneers, Inc and TexasBid are working to keep auctions coming to you. We will be working to comply with the ever changing laws and health recommendations that the government provides for us concerning everyones health and safety.
To keep some auctions coming, we will be making some changes in our normal process of auctions. From now until the all-clear is declared, our auction check out procedure will change, limiting the number of people in a building or facility for pickup/removal. We ask you for your patience during this time, as its an adjustment for all of us.
We appreciate all you and your loyalty. These are some difficult times for the Great State of Texas and our country and we want to try and continue to bring auctions to you. Just bare with us and we will get through this!
Please remember, that anyone picking up and coming to check out is doing so on your own accord and we are not responsible for your health or that of others as you come and enter at your own risk.


*** NOTE: Just an FYI, during the close of an online auction, outbid emails are not a high priority for the system as all system resources are utilized to make the bidding experience smoother and faster. So if you are concerned about a specific item and want to make sure you get it, then place a high enough max bid, watch the item(s) at closing time and refresh your page to make sure you are the winning bidder. Many email providers delay and emails can be up to 4-8 minutes late arriving to you through your email provider. Since the dynamic/extended bidding is only 3 minutes (180 seconds) you may not receive your email in time. So we encourage you to check your items before the close of each one if it is something you are wanting to win!

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